We help companies grow, compete and excel.

We understand how the emergence and growth of online/Internet-enabled technologies challenges the competitive landscape in existing industries. By drawing from our own experience in building online companies, we are able to effectively translate the latest developments within online environments into viable business models and strategies. We combine our insight into business and technology to promote profitable innovation.


We look to back early stage companies in the Nordic and European region within the areas of technology, new media and telecoms. We look for young and nontraditional environments with big hairy scalable ideas, a large market and who share our conviction that that success can best be reached through agile corporate structuring, partnerships and the right leap at the right moment.

In an environment of rapid change and digital opportunity, established companies are faced with the challenge of identifying and implementing the next step that will take them forward and secure a strong return on invested resources. This can mean finding new answers to old questions or taking an entirely new approach to achieving competitive advantage. We provide services in strategy consulting and other areas.